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Buying a tractor in France


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We are looking to purchase a tractor and after a long search have found one in our budget and suitable for what we require. Though old, it is in good condition and working order. We have been told by someone that an EU regulation has been introduced controlling the sale of second hand tractors. We have been told, that if someone sells someone else a second hand tractor, then subsequently the purcahser has an accident on it, then it is actually the sellers responsibility and they are liable, and consequently some sort of insurance is required prior to sale. We are not in posession of all the facts, if in fact this tale is even true.We appreciate the requirement for us to insure and register it (to obtain a carte grise).

Does anyone know of any such insurance or other requirements surrounding the sale/purchase of such agricultural equipment?




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I can't imagine a regulation which places such unconditional liability on the seller of an item of equipment for a potentially unrelated accident on the part of the buyer.

That said, I've done a search to see it I can come up with the relevent legislation.  Result?  None.  No mention on the official French agrosystems research institute website.  No mention on the general and specialist insurance websites either.

I suspect it's a "new" old wives tale.  I suggest you ask your insurance company about it.

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