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Housebuying costs: what do notaire's fees include?

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Quick query, probably often asked before but the search facility won't play ball at present. I've read two differing pieces of advice regarding housebuying costs: one says the notaire's fees include all fees and taxes; the other says allow for notaire's fees plus stamp duty, plus Land Registry fees. Can anyone enlighten me as to which is correct, please? If the latter, are stamp duty and LR fees on a sliding scale, or...?
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Notaire fees include all taxes, the French equivalant of stamp duty etc. Taxes etc are on a sliding scale. There are numerous online calculators to help you work out what you should be allowing for/paying, such as http://www.guideducredit.com/HTMcorps/Fichierssimulateurs/fraisnotaire.htm. This is for an existing house, fees are different for new or recent buildings.

If buying with a mortgage there will be an extra cost.

You may have to add on sales commission. If buying through an agency, this is normally included in the price of the house but if buying through the notaire there will be an extra 2.5% - 5% plus TVA.

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Hi Will

Thanks a bunch - I've just printed off the info from the web link you posted and will digest it along with supper this evening but even on a cursory look it's really helpful! You possibly won't be surprised to hear that the conflicting advice came from two different - and current - housebuying in France publications... I do check whether agency details say FAI - as you say, most do include their fees - haven't so far gone down the notaire route but have noted your comments about extras to pay in such a case.

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