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Renault car radio/cd

expat paul

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Does anyone have a 2005 or later Renault with a 'update list' radio/cd head unit which plays MP3 tracks ?
If so when you play a mp3 track what is on the dash display, is it just the track no. or is the artist name song title displayed.

The reason I ask is, I have just bought a new Scenic (non mp3 playing 'update list' HU), and have tried to fit my cd changer unit which I removed from my 2003 Scenic (tuner list radio/cd HU.) only to find its not compatible .

So I have 2 options

either, buy a new cd changer to replace my few month old changer !!, or change the HU, possibly for the mp3 version, seen 1 on ebay, which may also be compatible with my charger.

At the moment I don't know what to do. Any I.C.E experts out there ?
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