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Disposing of UK vehicle


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I see what you mean JR!!!

Is hoverfrog's car actually RHD (wheel on the right!)originally from the UK and now in France on French plates therefore worth peanuts?

Unfortunately it may appeal to people who want to drive it in England, avoiding parking fines, car tax and speeding tickets - easy if it's not re-registered.

I'm still interested in the original poster's question - can you get the car to a channel port?

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[quote user="ErnieY"]

To J.R. I can't understand how LHD can possibly confuse....[blink]




Look at hoverfrogs post where he says his legally registered LHD is worthless here but would be worth 8K Euros if it were RHD

That was my confusion.

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"Look at hoverfrogs post where he says his legally registered LHD is worthless here but would be worth 8K Euros if it were RHD

That was my confusion."

sorry to have caused any confusion, hoverfrog == 'she' and she lives in France...

Yes, a RHD car here has no 2nd hand value (except scrap) even if registered here and totally street-legal. Did I say it was LHD? I thought I said if it WAS LHD it would be worth 8K - now I'm getting confused!

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[quote user="hoverfrog"]I have a LHD car that is registered in France, and totally legal. If it was RHD it would be worth 8K (euros) but the best offer so far is for 1-200 euros :( That's not funny! Looks like i'm stuck with it until I run it into the ground and get the same in scrap value :( Might take me a while as it was new in 2000 ...[/quote]Now that the LHD/RHD confusion is cleared up I find it very hard to believe that any year 2000 RHD vehicle can only be worth €200.

Depending on what it is, and allowing for the generally higher prices of 2nd hand cars in France, €8k must equate to at least £4-4.5k in UK on which basis it could be worthwhile someone bringing a trailer over to collect it. Assuming it was properly exported then I can't see that there should be any problem in re-importing it.

I don't know how it works if it was just SORN'd or worse, it just "disappeared" from UK, but I'm sure there has to be a way to get such a vehicle back on the road legitimately.

At the right price I might even be interested myself, in fact I'll offer you €250 right now, unseen........[Www]

Actually I'm quite serious, I can live with RHD and it would be more beneficial, and one less hassle, for me to sell my present car in the UK before moving over and slot straight into a French registered one and if the price is right, so much the better.

So cough up then, what is it ?

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it's a 2000 Kia Sportage, in red, with roof-bars, etc.

The air-con doesn't work (we took the drive belt off as it seized up) but the mileage is low. It was legal in the UK before re-registering in France, and has recently had its front brake-pads replaced (at the Kia dealer).
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RHD vehicles have little market value in France because they are only really suitable for driving on that small offshore group of islands known as the United Kingdom/Eire.  On that basis, it is unlikely that the French (who make up the car market here) or anyone else in continental Europe would want to buy one.

One possible solution is for Hoverfrog to find some mug Brit punter who will buy the car and take the problem off his/her hands.  That way, they'll be stuck with selling on a worthless vehicle when they've finished with it.

Ooops... sorry, Ernie - just noticed your post. [;-)]



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Oh dear oh dear oh dear, I see the full extent of the problem now [:-))]

Go on, get it off your chest, it's not even diesel is it [blink] ?

Not a bad car but roundly beaten by rivals

Cheap; well equipped; decent range of abilities

Cramped, short of safety kit; poor drive

Came last in 2005 JD Power survey. Half of all owners reported engine trouble. Suspension, brakes and bodywork caused problems, too.

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[quote user="hoverfrog"]er, no, it's not diesel :) Reliability hasn't been a problem, but as far as being a 'real' 4X4 goes I wish I'd stuck to my Lada Niva![/quote]I know what you mean.

Depending on the actual spec. & mileage etc. top whack for a private sale in UK is between £1900 & £2300 (Autotrader)

By the time you've chucked in the fact it's French registered and the knackered AC, to someone wanting to take it back to UK I'd say you're looking at £1000  tops.

It's not too surprising that you've only recieved derisory offers and to be brutal I think you'd be pretty hard pressed to find another vehicle which stood less chance of finding a French buyer !

Seems to me you really only have 2 choices, keep it and drive it into the ground or try your luck on eBay for say £800, delivered to a channel port.

Actually 3 choices: against my better judgement my offer of €250 stands and I'll even collect...........[Www]

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actually I think I have another choice...

palm it off to one of the grown-up kids!

Now there's tempting - I think I might just do that!

UK headlamp set thrown in (the french ones cost me more apeice than I can get for the car here - now where's the justice in that???)

There are some garages that offer 1500€ for your old car, and no-where have I seen it say LHD only!) so I suppose that's another option, but only if I want to buy a new one and I'm not going there again :)
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