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I am considering a move to the Dordogne area with my family and although i will be in a good position  not to have to work if i dont choose too , i would consider giving driving lessons to local english people ( and french ), does anybody know if this is possible? is my UK driving instructors badge valid in France? I understand that the french instructors are government controlled so this could be tricky, the other alternative is to give defensive/advanced tuition which in the UK does not require my instructors badge is this the same in France? I have plenty of left hand drive experience to pass on so that is not really an issue.

any help appreciated


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Hi Dal,

I would be very surprised if you would be able to operate as a driving instructor in france, but happy to be proved wrong, of course. Advanced training is a different matter and I would think that, provided you are suitably qualified (I.A.M. Rospa etc) and able to issue certificates you should do well. As a starter I would suggest that you contact this guy for more information.


It's bikes, but the principle is the same.

Good luck,


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To operate as a driving instructor in France, you would need to hold a BEPECASER diploma (Brevet pour l'exercice de la profession d'enseignement de la conduite automobile et de la sécurité routière).  The diploma is issued following 600 hours of training which includes 60 hours teaching practical driving and at least 60 hours on teaching road safety.

You can find details of the required qualifications as well as other useful information about driving tests, licences, etc [url=http://www.les-permis.com/acteurs/formateur.htm]here[/url].


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Best of luck with the idea of teaching the little dears to drive over here, having done it in the UK the thought of teaching defensive driving techniques to newcomers against a backdrop of extremely unpredictable other drivers frankly scares the bejebbers out of me!
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