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Best Route from Zeebrugge to Beziers?

Jon 1

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I have driven the Zeebrugge to Beziers route a number of times and have tried circuiting Paris, albeit unsuccessfully on 3 occasions.  Even using satnav,  I end up either getting lost, or in a really time wasting traffic jam.

I revert to travelling further east, past Reims, Dijon, Lyon, and Nimes.  Whilst this is a fast route with few delays it is a little longer, and more expensive in terms of tolls.

Ideally I would prefer to travel down the centre passing Clermont-Ferrand and Millau because it is shorter, less tolls and recently improved autoroutes.  However, as I said I always get delayed whilst trying to closely skirt Paris, which is very frustrating.

Have you successfully travelled this latter route in the daytime?  If so, what is the secret of your success in skirting Paris?

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