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Re Certificate of Conformity for older vehicles and DRIRE


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I ran into a problem a while back as follows:

Trying to immatriculate a 1992 Mk1 Isuzu Trooper Pre 1997, so no COC. DRIRE had nothing on their database, so referrd me to GM.

GM said they had only taken on Isuzu in France in 2003, and they referred me back to DRIRE. I contacted International Motors in the UK, the importers, and they sent me the original Type Approval documents for the car FOC - No COC because the car's pre '97.

Sent everything off to the Prefecture, who after several weeks asked for a cheque, then 3 weeks later sent everything back asking for a European COC!

I went back to DRIRE and explained everything, and then there were many consultations in an inner office, and back came the message, "That's fine, your UK documents are OK; fill in this form and bring all your papers back in duplicate with a cheque for 87euros and we will deal with your dossier".


At the same time I was trying to immatriculate a 1999 Ssangyong from Spain, and despite this model being sold in France, they hadn't got that on their database either, bur they told me that they would prepare a dossier for me and deal with the registration - no need to go to the Prefecture.


So back to DRIRE on Monday, and I'll keep you posted.


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From what you say, both of your vehicles do not appear to have French type approval, so the DRIRE have given you a quick 'paper' SVA inspection (the clue is in the fee they've charged you) and they will be issuing an SVA type approval certificate which they will be sending to the prefecture on your behalf.

All credit to them for being so helpful, so take along a big box of choccies.....


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