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Registering a trailer


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Here's an interesting one:

Went to the Prefecture at Tours today to register my trailer [a tandem axle Brenderup with a gross weight of 1200kg]. Produced the brand spanking new Certificat de Conformité from the manufacturers in English and French.

Lady behind the screen insisted that I produce the English registration document for it, and no amount of persuasion would convince her that we don't have such papers in the UK. Her only answer was 'Trailers in France have to have a registration document'. [I know that you silly vache, what the hell do you think I'm doing here?]

Anybody else run into this brick wall?


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Not come across this one before.

The foreign registration document is on her 'list of things to check for imported vehicles' and she clearly doesn't consider herself officially competent to take a view on the omission.  So, you need to talk to a supervisor.  If that doesn't bring some sense to the matter, then contact your local DRIRE, explain the situation and ask them to intervene with the prefecture.



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