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Can anyone diagnose this fault?


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[quote user="Swissbarry"]

I have a four year old Citroen C5 .........a significant loss of engine power

Anyone got any ideas, please?



 I'm assuming it's an HDI diesel.This can be a common problem with the PSA diesel engines, because the engine management system has detected a fault, so it shuts down and only allows 'get you home power'. When this happens  the yellow 'K light' comes on. The way to sort it is to get the car plugged into  a Peugeot/Citroen dealers diagnostic reader, and get all the faults cleared.

I had a lot of problems with a 1999 406, and the faults recorded would be so minor as to be insignificant, but the car would still switch to low power mode. On one memorable ocassion it totally cut out at [ahem, 80mph!] on the A38 in Devon, but after coasting to the roadside it promptly restarted, but in low power mode.


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[quote user="Sunday Driver"]


Did you have to resurrect this year old thread just to tell us that?

I read through all three pages until I came to your post.....[6]



Sorry - I always start from the back on long posts. If it is any consulation I nearly froze getting the battery screwed / bolted down.

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