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How old can the CT be when registering a car


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Hi There

I am looking at buying a used car but i am unsure on how old the ct can be to re register the car. Surely if a CT last for 2 years in should not need have anymore than say 6 months left. Can you also tell me what forms are required. The last car i registered in france was my english car (never again) and we had so many forms to feel out i swore i would never do it again.

Any help will be welcome




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You must register the change of ownership within one month of the purchase.

The seller will give you the carte grise (crossed out and marked 'vendu'), a certificat de situation/non-gage (tells you whether there's any outstanding finance or legal charges registered against the car), a CT certificicate dated no older than six months and a certificat de cession (transfering ownership of the vehicle to you).  Fill in a demande de certificat d'immatriculation form at your prefecture and hand in all the papers together with your passport, a utility bill and the registration fee. 




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