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Updating toll doofah details


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Im trying to update my credit card details for my LiberT doofah but I cant see how to do it.

I can access my account OK on the Sanef page and see my name/address  but no card details show up for modifying.

Any ideas anyone please. Need to get it done ASAP as my present card expires this month.

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Yes there is ernie but dont you get this every month as a hard copy in the post?

Once logged on here. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=http://www.sanef.com/&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=1&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3DSANEF%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26sa%3DG

you can click on the Factures tab.  This will show your latest statement (same as the posted hard copy one).  Then click on  Voir le détail des trajets and it will show the individual toll sections and charges. Again the same as the hard copy.

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Finally got logged in and can see the current month but when trying to open or download previous statements it says cannot connect with the edemat.net server whatever or wherever that is. Not my machine BTW as 'er indoors is having the same problem.

Is there somewhere on the site where one opt's not to receive paper statements or not ?

Maybe this is why I'm not getting them but I certainly didn't knowingly opt for it.

Also I was looking for a page showing the paege stations on a map of the road network where I could easily track my journeys and costs, if such a thing exists.

I know where I went but hunting down the individual names of the stations on the map by simple entree and sortie names is somewhat tedious and frustrating.

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Well I emailed them again last night and have got a reply today from a lnice ady called Barbara Fontaine

Replied in English and says can either ring them or email them the new details.

Suppose I may as well email them,  save the government the trouble of giving my details away.

I guess its really no different than buying stuff over the phone and giving card details

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This is the nice lady's email address, or at least where it came from so I assume the address will accept incoming email as well.

Barbara FONTAINE [[email protected]]

No phone number on her email so I suppose  its the number which is on the hard copy of the statements.

For you ernie this is it    +33 1 72 36 51 03  depuis etranger,   which I guess is a number for non French people so perhaps it has English speaking staff.

Ill give it a go on Monday as I doubt they work weekends.

It still seems a bit daft that you can,t change payment details on the website as after all I assume we all signed up initially on line.

Might mention this when I ring and see what they say.

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That's what I'm thinking Andy but I don't recall ticking anything and I would have thought that something like that would be a "tick to NOT receive" rather than the other way round and the default choice.

Also these things are usually reversible, certainly on my banks internet sites they are but I can't see any reference to it at all on the SANEF site.

I think a phone call is my only option but I'll wait until I'm back in France to do it. 

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Im assuming that it is a secure server  (hopefully anyway) as its only accessible after logging in to the Sanef account page.

Ill keep a close eye on my credit card account and hope nothing naughty happens.


You could always email the nice lady and ask for monthly hard copy statements.


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Been there, done that, can't see anywhere either to opt nor de-opt for it. Maybe it's irreversible !

I can download my statements so no real problem and in fact I'd probably opt to not receive paper copies anyhow but now I know I should be receiving them I'm very curious to find out why and what, if anything, I did to make it so [:)]

Incidentally I picked up a tip today and that is if you happen to breakdown on the peage and get trailered off then put your doofah somewhere it won't be "seen" at the toll booth otherwise you could get charged.

Makes perfect sense but something you'd probably not think of in a stressful situation [;-)]

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Well I ended up updating my card over the net.

Not been robbed yet so I assume all is OK and it is either a secure server or no dishonest people in France.

Must have worked OK as I received an acknowledgement and the doofah is working OK.

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