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Pine martens(again!)

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Thank you so much to everyone who replied - it was really helpful!  We are going to try and scare it off next time we are out there!  If we find a miracle cure, we will pass it on!

Just one point though - does anyone know if they are a threat to small babies? our niece is going out there in August and will have a 2 month old baby. The animal is up in the top of the roof apparently.

Thank you !

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Can I add some info. re Martens in the Grenier?   We have just, alas, returned from our cottage in the centre of a village in the Creuse.  In the Spring our roof and that of a neighbour were totally renovated, with new battens, guttering, downpipes, etc.  We have insulation in roof, next to the slates,but mostly not then panelled (all done by previous owner.  Since the tempete 1999-2000 we have been aware there was something in the attic, but knew not what.

In July our local French roofer brought our bill and took us up into the attic, where he explained that martens had nested in the insulation.  Nest now had been put in the dustbin, and all fumigated in the attic, presumably killing the martens.  He told us just to phone him if the beasts returned.   Neighbours had been away, but on return explained that they can be covered in fleas.There was must laughter over explaining that these martens can easily squeeze into the grenier through the smallest hole!

I did wonder whether martens are protected - certainly too late for ours and our Frenc neighbours did not view them as a good thing to have lurking up above!


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