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New Road Tax !!!!!

expat paul

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Our local G-men have a new and very profitable money making

scheme. The un-marked “radar trap” car (Blue Ford focus estate with blacked out

windows) was parked up yesterday in front of the very last house in our little

town about 20m before the town sign where the limit changes from 50kph to

90kph. I have seen it in action many times, (whilst waking to the centre), the tailgate is closed, there is

only a very slight flash and is often unmanned so not easy to spot, making it

difficult for drivers passing in the opposite direction to give advanced warning. At 90€

a time they must have made a fortune !!! No one can say this is nothing other

than for profit, had it been parked taking cars entering our town then that

would be road safety.

We are in between two cities so can be a bit of a rat

run here, so normally I am very happy to know it is in our area (it is shared

with the other local towns and villages) as it slows the maniacs down at least

for a while, but to see it being used to fill the G-mens or states coffers was


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