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stuff overhanging the end of a vehicle- French law on this ?


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We are about to take some carpet to France in 2 x 4 metre rolls.

It will overhang the back of the car by a couple of feet,   not so at the front, but will be over the bonnet, but no problem with vision.  Just collected them so we have tested them getting them home.

My question is :  are we likely to be stopped ? And do we need a red bit of fabric hanging on the end at the back?

Anyone any suggestions ?

Many thanks


PS - before anyone asks,  a good carpet (proper carpet, wool ) with all the bits needed (grippers, underlay, door bars)  about a third including the fitting.   I know this as I have a price from Maclou.

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We took a 4m long roller blind for our patio last year.

No problems at all, just made sure that it still fitted under the height limit for the ferry and that it didn't stick out at the back. As the car is 5m long it wasnt a problem.

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