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Medical exam


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Certain categories of my french driving licence expire next february. This is because I will be 60 then.

I am aware that if I wish to continue to hold these categories I will need to pass a medical but can anyone please tell me if I have to institute the procedure myself or will I be sent a reminder by the prefecture? Also, are there specific forms etc that I will need for this?

My thanks in anticipation.


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Info HERE.

Your medical must be with a GP approved by your préfecture (absolutely not your own GP). You'll find a list HERE.

You must make the appointment yourself and the cost is down to you (€24.40).

Download and complete this form to bring with you. You must also bring:

  • your licence
  • your passport
  • 3 recent ID photos
  • 1 stamped self-addressed envelope for the return of your licence (probably best to make it registered post)
  • a cheque or cash for the cost of the medical (€24.40)
  • any specs, x-rays or other medical certificate which apply.

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Many thanks Clair. I am now suitably prepared!

 There is one thing that puzzles me though and that is that on the notes it says I must provide an SAE for the return of my licence and on the application form it says that I must provide two of them.

I think I will take two with me just to be certain.


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It "kicks in" from the first application for a permis for Groups other than A or B.

From the French Govt website:

For all the other categories:

"s'il a été reconnu apte par la commission départementale médicale."


"Durée de validité

Le permis est valable :

  • 5 ans, pour toute personne âgée de moins de 60 ans,

  • 2 ans, entre 60 et 76 ans,

  • 1 an, à partir de 76 ans.

Pour obtenir sa prorogation (renouvellement), l'intéressé est soumis à un examen médical.

La demande doit être faite à la préfecture du domicile, avant l'expiration du délai de validité."

EXCEPT for passenger carrying vehicles (Group D) where the medical is more frequent after 60

"Le permis est valable :

  • pour une période 5 ans pour toute personne âgée de moins de 60 ans,

  • pour une périodicité maximale d'un an à partir de 60 ans."

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