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I had a Class C license in the UK, and applied for a French driving license. I had a medical for the Class C here in France, passed, and my French license now has Class C on it. Is this valid as it stands, or do I still need to take a FIMO? If anyone could clarify this Then I would be very grateful.....thanks
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Swallowtail describes his licence as class C which covers large goods vehicles regardless of weight.....[;-)]

Your example is a French licence issued in exchange for one of the older UK 'car' licences which included category C1 (light goods vehicles limited to 7,500kg).  As there is no French C1 category, the new licence shows category C but with a code 74 specifying the weight restriction.



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Thanks for this, I was looking to see how the C1 and C1E, are implemented as I am going through an exchange proces and it is important for me that I keep the C1 category. Does this mean for example that in the main part of your French license for category C, you simply have 74 in the right hand column. I was told that the French are actually introducing a specific C1 3500-7500 kg, but I guess this does not show up as a such on the French license as a standalone entry.

Did your previous UK C1E have an associated "code". I have a photo license (passed test in 1978) with the following C1E(code 107), D1(code 101) and D1E(code 101, 119). I understood that the C1E with code 107 limits the lorry+trailer combination to 8250 Kg, and not to 12000 kg I had previously thought.


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There is currently no specific C1/C1E category in France so when you exchange your UK licence, you get a category C plus a code signifying the weight restriction - eg, 74 <= 7500kg.

If the French were to introduce a separate C1/C1E category, then this would show on the licence as a stand alone entry like all the others.  However, this is unlikely to happen as the new EU driving licence is due to be introduced in 2013.

The codes on your photo licence apply to the UK and are not necessarily the same as those in France. 

101 = not for hire or reward (ie, you can drive a 17 seater minibus for your local scout troop but not for your local taxi firm)

107 = not more than 8250kg (ie, lower limit than applies in France)

119 = weight limit does not apply (ie, you can drive a 17 seater minibus weighing more than 3500kg).


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