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C.T. due January 2010


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This has probably been answered on the forum before but I have been unable to locate it quickly so wonder if you can help!!!

The C.T. is due on our car in January 2010 and due to unforseen circumstances we are not going to be able to get over this month in order to have it done.

The car is currently garaged and has been off the road since our last visit in October. 

Question is - Is there a time limit in which you must have the C.T. completed within the due by date?

Many thanks in anticipation of a quick response.


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IIRC, if you are caught driving the vehicle without a valid CT, then it is a 135€ fine. The due date is an absolute with no leeway afterwards. However, possession of a car without a valid CT is not an offence, so long as it is not being used or stored on a public road. We have just had our car done early because we will not be around when it is due.

I was told that there is no exemption for cars being driven to a CT station for the purpose of having a CT done (the exemption that exists in the UK). If stopped, you might be able to plead your way out of it with the gendarme, but in principle you would have no defence.




Nick posted whilst I was still putting finger to keyboard.

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