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Towing electrics for a C4

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I've got a Citroen C4 that has a towing hitch but appears to have no electrical connection for a trailer lighting board. I assume it should be easy enough to add a socket but can anybody tell me if the C4 already has the loom extended to near the back or if I'm just not looking in the right place. Also, what is the kit I need called? My usual French translator is totallt non-technical.


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Albert, I'm sure that you have looked but its not tucked up under the bumper by any chance.

Some sockets fold up out of the way when not in use.

If you find nothing then be aware that a lot of modern cars now use a 'can-bus' system of wiring. These vehicles need dedicated looms on accessories to ensure that all safety features are retained when towing.

edit: Just found this which explains what I'm on about. (for some reason Citroen call it a Van-bus system)

If you have to have one fitted be aware, its expensive. The fitting of a full VW/Westfalia system (Tow-bar & electrics with removeable, swan-neck ball) on my VW Touran cost a whopping 900 euros.


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