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Parking for Paris (South)


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We are going to be travelling up to Paris for 2 days next month (from the South), and wondered if anyone knows of the best parking available at a reasonable cost, obviously avoiding going too deep into the City. Needs to be situated close to a metro link into Paris. We have never been to Paris so any info/tips would be great.

We looked into the train but it worked out too expensive. Is there a bus service from here, we are in 17. Thanks.
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From a Paris commuter...........

Option 1

Take the car, wherever you park it, it won't be there when you get back. Ergo, parking is free! Or it could be a bonfire. Or you'll find an ado with the biggest knife you've ever seen wanting EUR500 for it being looked after.

Option 2

Take the train. SNCF might even remember to stop at Paris. You never know your luck!

Outside of the touristy centre, Paris makes downtown Bagdad look safe.
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So you are in 17, that's La Rochelle right?  A lovely part of the world.

I just plugged in La Rochelle - Paris aller retour for a random date in April and got a price of €156 for the 2 of you before any possible discounts.

I thought this wasn't bad compared to driving taking into account Tolls/fuel which according to Viamichelin.fr is €80 each way plus parking costs and a strong possibility of having your car stolen/damaged.  I stayed at a 'chain' hotel in south of Paris last year, I consider myself fairly streewise and I'm a big bloke but I felt very, very unsafe.  I was glad to see that the hotel had a closed parking space and a security gaurd with a big dog.

Can't find a bus service but I feel there should be one

EDIT:  Sorry I just realised that my post makes little sense.  I meant to say that I plugged dates into the SNCF website for LaRochelle - Paris.  Hope that's clearer

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