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LHD car to be registered in UK


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Hi, thanks for all your help. After phoning round I do not think the garages know the answers because when I asked the question re MOT requirements they all had different answers!!

Next question is insuring a LHD. The three companies Initially contacted all came up with quotes for £700 plus. Tried Tesco and they have come up with £370. Big difference. I asked the question at least six times that they insured LHD and they said yes. However they said they covered imported cars, but of course all imports are not necessarily LHD.

Anyone any knowledge of Tesco and other LHD companies.

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I brought my LHD citroen back and used is for a couple of months before selling it on ebay.  I had an excellent response from people wanting to take it back to France.   It sold for more than I bought it for 5 years ago!  Similar cars here are dirt cheap.

As for the speedo, I put my Japanese grey import through several MOTs with a km speedo - no problems.

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