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Mastercard for motorway tolls?


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I've noticed that many of the smaller motorway exits are now automated and unmanned.  This has never been a problem for us as we always use a telepeage bleeper, but a client soon to be arriving at one of our gites is worried about the type of cards that are accepted. 


have read a lot recently in our BMW  club magazine and

newspapers about people having problems using Mastercard credit cards in

France. Most cards here seem to have gone over to M/card from Visa including

ours. We have also read that the motorway tolls are now automated and

don't accept cash, and again only Visa cards would work. The enquiries I have made here all say that Mastercard is

widely accepted.  Is it?"

I replied that I didn't know but would try to find out.  Can someone provide the answer?



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Obviously I can't speak for every motorway exit in France, but for several years (before I started using télépéage) Visa and Mastercard seemed to be equally acceptable, i.e. I don't remember either of them being refused.  I live in Aquitaine, but I think they both worked in other areas also.

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Electron (whatever that is) doesn't work - there's a sign up well before you get to the peage.  Don't know why - just saw the sign the other day.

For goodness sake, if they refused to take Visa or Mastercard, then they'd be turning down 99% of the cards proferred.

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