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Peage barriers


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The larger french banks, BNP et al, will open online an external account for a foreign resident. I had one with BNP before coming to France while living in the UK. It came with a carte bleu very useful. That was in 2007, and don't believe the regs have changed.



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[quote user="MikeIOW"] Anyone know how to open a French bank account online without any French address ? (keen to have the doofer for a trip to the South next year, so plenty of time to work out if it can be done....but I think I may just be left queuing !) cheers[/quote]


Why ask again, when you already had an answer in the other discussion?

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[quote user="BIG MAC"]

If memory serves I think its the A16 and A28 we use..............


Do you come over on the ferry or train? Someone has asked me for my route as they always get lost.  I use the A16 then the A28,  it is really easy to find the A16 from the train, but as my friend uses the ferry I wondered if it is just as easy to find from the ferry?[8-)]

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