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Advice please driving towards Paris,


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On 18th March I am driving with a group of friends to France, to stay at my house in Dept 62 and then on the Saturday, we are planning to drive to Paris to watch France v Wales at the Stade de France.  The match is in the evening and the plan is to then drive back, returning to England the following day. 

Id appreciate any advice as to how to park up.  I think the train from Arras isnt an option tho I havent researched it so I was planning to drive, park up and get a train in.  Is parking at Charles de Gaulle an option?



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Hello. Maybe I can help.

I've driven in to Paris quite a few times, including Etoile, all in a RHD car with poor outward visibility.

It's not as bad as it seems, if you keep your wits about you. There are plenty of underground car parks in the centre of Paris, and parking is quite reasonable for the piece of prime Paris real estate you get to put your car on.

Watch out for motorbikes!
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