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Buying a LHD car in the uk


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Just wondered if anyone out there had used Lhdcarsupermarkets.com to purchase a second hand Lhd car.

We are looking to trade in our Lhd car and are wondering if it is easier in the uk than in France.

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It used to be cheaper in the UK, but the smart boys cottoned on to

French prices and adjusted theirs accordingly. They can be cheaper in

Belgium but you'd have to be a masochist to buy second hand in

Belgium.Try having a look in Germany.
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[quote user="Pierre ZFP"]have not been thrashed as the speed limit is strictly enforced 120 kph

[/quote]Except when they are driven outside Switzerland !

Anyway since when was 160 or even 200 in a modern car 'thrashing' [:D]

I doubt changing in UK is a good idea, second hand prices in France are stupidly high but at least offset the cost of the replacement.

Selling in France and buying in UK is probably the most advantageous.

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