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Collective gas and oil


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Saw some properties on an immobiliers website that had 'collective gas' or 'collective oil'.

This seems to indicate to me that the supply i shared by more than one property. Is this the case and I presume that it is metered.

Would be grateful if someone would enlighten me.



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When I asked about this as it was in the details of a property we were interested in I was told that it is where a group of adjacent householders have had a fuel supply (gas or oil) jointly installed to supply their properties. The idea being that to buy in bulk is cheaper.

In the case of gas it means you can have a large tank instead of bottles which are expensive individually. Also, if you buy 5000ltrs of fuel oil you get it much cheaper per litre than if you buy 500ltrs. The supply to each property is metered and charged accordingly.

I dont know the details of how the householders pay for what they use.


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I understand from reading that fascinating publication "Propane et

Vous" (from Antargaz - our gas supplier) that whole villages in

Normandy and Brittany are going this route now.  Presumably

Antargaz or another supplier pay for the installation of a central,

presumably buried, tank and distribution pipework, and is rewarded with

a long term contract to supply the village.

I do think if I'd been PR Director of Antargaz I might have come up with a snappier title for the magazine, though.


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Yes, I can confirm what most of the others have said - it means there is a communal agreement to have oil or gas bought from a single supplier at a discount.  Gites de France, for example, are looking into this sort of arrangement for their property owners.
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