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Moving departments with car


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You do not have to change insurer (but do tell them of the change if address) or number plates, but you will need to update your car registration document. This can be done online via the French government website before you move and they will send you a sticker to your new address to arrive about the day you arrive which you stick carefully over the old address. Very simple and straightforward.

Can't remember for the driving licence but I think you have to do nothing; can someone confirm this,

In fact the government website enables you to update your addresses for most administrative purposes.

Beware CPAM though (if you are registered), they are very regionalised and you may need to register afresh with them as their computers do not speak to each other. (Yes, a pain, I know).

Hope this helps a bit.
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When we moved, we changed the plagues at I think possibly about the same time as new CTs were needed.  Can't really remember.

Driving licence, no, just write down your new address on the back of your French driving licence, that is if you have a paper licence and it's French.

CPAM, definitely, go and register with the new dept ASAP.  I think we went in person so the process was relatively quick and painless.

Your bank too if you are with one of the "High Street" ones, otherwise your cheques and even your deposits might not be accepted.

Good Luck with the move. I think it's great moving to a new area as it really is surprising how different areas can be and, yes, that applies to the local accent and the different names they might have for the same things!

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Changing plates depends on whether it is a "new" or "old" registration.  When we moved dept I did not have change plates as I had a newer registration (the modern one) but OH did as his was the older type.  This was long enough ago to still need to go to the sub-prefecture to change, but all they did was send me in the post a sticker to put over the old address and their was no charge.  OH changed his car recently, the garage where he bought it sorted the re-registration out as part of the deal (it was on old plates) and organised changing the plates at no cost to him too, then he received the new log book via the post, some time later (whence he was able to change the plates as above).

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