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Selling price for a Rover Cabriolet


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Our RHD 1995 red 216 Rover Cabriolet passed its control technique this morning. I am thinking of selling it but don't know its worth here in France.

It is an old lady now has only 85000 miles on a Honda engine, leather seats but is starting to need more love and attention than I can give. Has anybody any idea its worth and where to sell it ?
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On E-Bay UK there are three for sale at between £1000 & £1500 asking price, with no bids on any of them.

On Leboncoin in France there are a few asking between 500 & 1500 euros, plus a nice condition GTI cabriolet with only 24000km asking 2800 euros.

Although yours is RHD, I don't think this makes much difference in value for this type of car. I reckon yours might sell for 500 to 1000 euros or £, depending on its condition.

Try putting it on Leboncoin (its free to advertise) and see what happens. Beware scammers, accept only cash.

Bon chance !

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