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Contrôle Technique - Renewal date / test date / repair deadline etc?


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Is anyone able to clear up the CT date(s) schedule? I'm a little unsure of the exact protocol..

Is it possible (as in the UK) to take a test 1 month in advance of expiry and have a new passed test dated from the finish of the old certificate?

If not, does one typically book a test for as close to the end of the old certificate expiry and 'use' the 2 month 'repair' period (should the car fail) to book a garage and get the car fixed etc. and then contre-visite within that 2 month period? And is one 'allowed' to use the car during this period - either for traveling to/from a garage/testing centre, or for personal use?

I'm looking at when to (hopefully) book my next visit to France next year in order to sort the CT renewal, and as the car is at an airport there, I need to choose the best dates possible so I can still use the car to get 'home' (in France) and have the maximum amount of time to cover all eventualities. With travel currently being so restricted, I want to get this as right as possible (all with the added curve ball of another possible confinement when my CT is due next April)!

Many thanks..

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You cannot have an "advanced" CT. it runs from the date of the test.

There are three possible results:

1. The test is passed with minor or no advisories - last for 2


You may drive.

2. Fails the test but not deemed completely unroadworthy - 2

months to effect repairs.

You may drive

3. Fails test, declared unroadworthy/dangerous - 2 months to

effect repairs.

You may not drive.

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As it is easy to see the date of the expiration of the CT on the older certificate in car windscreens, I often look when out walking in a big town. My record this month so far, for a car parked on the main road, in use, is April 2014! As with many things in France, there seems to be a lack of control.
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