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Five Year French Driving Licence

Marie (ex Hester)

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Hello, wondering if anyone has any experience of having to renew a French driving licence.

Unfortunately mine has an expiry date on the front and this is in a few month's time. I somehow ended up with a five year one when I exchanged my U K one. I think this is because of the heavy goods categories on UK licences, and the exchange like for like.

I don't need these categories, nor want to have a medical. So if anyone has any info. before I go to the website to apply, I would be grateful.

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OH and I received 5 year licences in 2014 when we exchanged our UK licences due to the categories on them.

So last year I renewed them (without any problem) online in exchange for 15 year licences, the 'offending' categories having expired their limited timeline in the last 5 years.

No medical needed.

Go for it.
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Marie wrote the following post at 29 Dec 2020 19:50:

Thanks for your reply. You didn't have to tick any boxes then as to which categories you required?

Did you apply well in advance?

Could you also tell me how the electronic signature woerks.

Cannot remember about ticking boxes sorry .. but the signature part is easy to describe.

We went for our photos to one of the new digital photo booths in supermarkets .. after your pics are taken you sign (very awkwardly) with a plastic 'pen' on a small screen just below the main screen.

You receive a digital code to input online (when back home) at the appropriate point in your application .. this conjures up your photo and a copy of your signature. You agree these are yours and Bob's your uncle ?
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  • 4 weeks later...
Just a follow-up for information- my OH renewed his French driving licence online and it was received today 10 days after the application.

We went to a photographer  and had the Ants approved photo and signature done (thanks Sue for that info) and just filled in the form online with the number and the photo and signature magically appeared.

His licence had only been issued previously for 5 years because of the towing category which we didn't want to renew anyway.

All very quick and efficient.

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So Laurier, where did you sign or did you have a plastic pen same as Sue did and a screen to sign it on?

We both renewed our licenses and have till 2033 but I will be applying for my passport on line.  And I'd be reassured to be able to have my photo done at a photographer's but the signing bit has me VERY intrigued.

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OH's licence had an expiry date of June 2021 so we decided to apply in advance, just in case there were delays, having read of previous problems with ANTS. We filled in the form at home, downloaded the present licence, passport and justificatif of domicile (less than 6 months old).

The photographer (ANTS approved) took the photo then OH had to sign on a pad flat on the counter, with the stylo attached, all connected to the shop computer. We were given the number which we then downloaded into the form at home with the above documents. That 'numerised' photo cost 10 euros. We also ordered extra photos for our new CDS in case we need them which were 8 euros.

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Hello, just to share my experience.

Had 'photos done today, 12 euros, got 4 pics to take away also.

Started on ANTS with mine, bit trickier as licence is in maiden name, so when I was locked out of going further after entering name, address, 'phone no. I panicked. Tried a couple more times, then thought it might be due to Bexit.

Decided to try OH's which went through ?

Succeeded in applying for mine tonight, must have been a computer blip earlier, phew!

For info. used passports, EDF bill (is in both names), front and back of current French licence.

Will post when/if received. Regards.

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Just a heads up for renewing the licence. It seems that over a certain age they want a medical certificate and, apparently will only accept a carte de séjour and not passport. This latter they dumped on me after I thought it had all gone through!

Just out of interest, how long is it taking to get the renewal?
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Deep breath then! Perhaps Laurier would give us an idea of the age range of OH as his/hers went through OK and using passport - I'm 71.

Do you know over what age, the medical was asked for?

I was going to use our CDS as mine has my maiden name, but as they are pre-Brexit thought that might complicate things.

How long since you updated yours?

Don't know how long yet, applied yesterday, website says 15 days.


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cards arrived today after an SMS yesterday informing us that they were on their way by post to be signed for.

SMS were received after the application on Tuesday informing us of the application progress.

15 year validity.

Mine still in maiden name, as I have read on other websites - "The name on your French driving licence is your name at birth. Your married name may be registered in the driving licence database but this does not change the name on the driving licence itself."

Thank you all for your help.

Regards M
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