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I have been told a good tip but correct me if u don't agree. When the doc writes the prescription especially on some homoeopathy there will be nil refund. So make sure either check with doc or at the chemist before they run it through the till and only by these nil refundable items direct over the counter thus saving you THAT 00.50 cts that is on each box that's written on the prescription. Recommended by one crafty Belgian women !! I thought it a brilliant idea.
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[quote user="milkeybar kid"]I thought it a brilliant idea.[/quote]50c is 50c I guess but 'brilliant' seems a bit out of proportion [blink]

A tip for those paying for prescriptions in UK, ask the chemist if the item or items are cheaper than the standard £7.20 per item charge, they are usually quite happy to charge you the actual price.

Now that IS a saving !

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