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Jaw dropping prices but where else to go?


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There are several good Amazon/eBay price comparison web sites



http://www.heidoc.net/amazon/amazon_global_check.php?asin&nodb&button=GO (Amazon only)
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Thomann, great company EXCEPT that the mandolin I bought for OH from them was seriously, seriously sub-standard.

Still they refunded my costs, including postage.  However, in my case, the exchange rate had changed for the worse and I still lost money[:(]

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Not entirely sure that Another's use of feedback will achieve all it's objectives........................

If a Global Shipping Programme item is delivered to your Buyer and your Buyer leaves you negative or neutral feedback associated with the Global Shipping Programme item but does not file an eBay Money Back Guarantee claim, you may contact Customer Support to request that any negative or neutral feedback associated with that Global Shipping Programme item be removed.
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I realise that but it's also the whole point because leaving negative feedback on that basis will (or should) generate a live discourse between seller and eBay to get it rescinded and in the process hopefully highlight the deep customer dissatisfaction which led to it.

If you can think of a better or more direct way of signalling that to eBay then pray tell!

That said my seller, who before my negative had 100% positive feedback on nearly 1300 sales, thus far at least has done nothing about it so in this instance it would seem to have largely failed in it's intent.

Curious that such a clause is actually written in the T&C's though, the cynic might

conclude that it's there because they expect complaints [blink]

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[quote user="Chancer"]Could you do me a favour and PM me the words that you use to blackmail ([:)]) the seller, I want to pass them on to her she speaks good English but I am very conscious that mine is quite poor now and I dont like to give her anything less than 100% perfect or she will get in bad habits.[/quote]I don't think it's a situation you can cover with a script or a proforma as each case will be different because ultimately as strong as the misgivings about GSP are it's only after waiting the sort of time that you would reasonably have expected an item to take to arrive by traditional methods that grounds for complaint actually arise.

In the instance given that's how I played it and what I'd told the seller I would do but of course I still had to wait for the item to actually turn up before I could leave any feedback at all.

To rub the salt in I received a veritable blizzard of emails from GSP which factually told me next to nothing as the tracking numbers they gave me did not specify the carriers so were effectively useless, they did repeatedly point out however that the item had been dispatched by 'International Priority Shipping', yeh right!

For comparison BTW last Monday at 15:57 I ordered a 100m drum of satellite coax which arrived early on Wednesday afternoon, the £15.99 postage charge for that matched what I'd paid for the fag packet sized item which had taken 16 days so even ignoring the delays what's NOT to complain about with GSP! 

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Garden girl - you were right as usual. I removed some spam which made the answers to it irrelevant really.

ALBF - I have removed your reply which speculates about Chancer. because it contravenes the convention that we have about other forums.

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Thanks Hoddy.

Interesting thread to read again given it is 10 years old. Nothing changes. It like only tight fisted Brits move to France.


Where have all the posters gone ? Where have they gone ?

Moved back ? Was life too expensive for them and they moved back because cutting saws were too expensive ? LOL

The price of cutting saws would be the make or break for me.

In 2009 I was just about to move from rural France to a city. It was too expensive living there....lol.
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"Where have all the posters gone ? Where have they gone ?"

That's a good question ALBF, as politicians say to buy time in interviews.

Because: (EDIT: Not in any particular order)

Marmite is too expensive here

The pound is heading the same way as the Zimbabwe dollar

It's too hot here

It's too cold here

They're worried about what happens after Oct 31 (or pick another date)

They eventually get fed up with septic tanks, hauling logs, acres of land, feeding livestock, etc. etc.

They move on to the next country, which is always going to be much better

That's what they always planned to do [;-)]

[:D] [:D]

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