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>Has anybody got any information at
>all about micro enterprises please

Look at the Running a Bed and Breakfast (Chambre d'hote) forum further down - lots of good information there that has been posted recently which applies to micros in general.

>? How to set
>one up. etc .

Depends what sort of business you are planning - I didn't have a clue 18 months ago so I wrote to my local Chambre de Metiers explaining what we hoped to do and they passed my letter on to the local Chambre de Commerce who wrote to me explaining what documentation we needed and invited us in for a chat.

Good luck....helen
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i would go to the Chamber of
Commerce they can tell you everything you need to know. They are always very keen to help as they are trying to push business in France. YOu can only earn a certain amount per year though with micro entreprise. They are quite simple to set up but it would help if you understand french or you may have to get an accountant who can.
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i just wrote to my local urssaf office and told them what i was planning to set up and that i would like to do it under a micro entreprise and they sent me relevant forms and then informed everyone else concerned (tax office, caisse, etc)

you are not allowed to earn more than 27000 euros per year though

good luck
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