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Hi. I thought this might be interesting for anyone thinking about registering themselves as a micro-enterprise:
I am in the process of registering myself as a handyman/gardner. I was told by the chambre de commerce in Cahors that if I visited ACCRE I may be elible for exoneration of the first years cotisations. The chambre de commerce told me this could amount to a saving of between 2000 and 3000 euros. I ran to ACCRE and they gave me a thick dossier to fill in. I was then told by someone else in another office I was advised to visit (Espace Gestion) that unless I was registered with Assedic for 6 months (I only have 3 months with Assedic) OR I am collecting RMI then the exoneration with ACCRE would not apply. So I went to yet another office in Figeac (centro medico sociale?) where I filled in another thick dossier to get RMI. They seemed surprisingly happy to help and Im waiting for the response now. Presumably if I get the RMI then I will also stand a chance of being let off the first years cotisations. I did try explaining to the RMI people that I wouldnt mind not actually receiving the RMI as long as they gave me RMI status - just to help me with my micro-enterprise. It was a stupid suggestion and they insisted angrily that it was my right to receive it and it wouldnt be acceptable to get the status without the money. They then forced me to go to another office to fill out CMU forms and....oh God, even I can't remember what happened after that.
Just in case anyone is thinking of going down the same tortuous path - apparently it is very important to hand your ACCRE dossier in before you hand in your Chambre de Commerce dossier.
Does anyone else have experience of something like this?
Am I being naive in hoping for this exoneration?
Is Big Job Little Job a good name for a handyman business?

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We we told by Organic that we could claim all our first year cotisations as a micro-enterprise - this was after we had registered
When we applied we were told the 'offer' only applies if you apply for the free year BEFORE you register your micro-enterprise, and then ONLY if you get approved - not everyone does

So thanks Organic for raising hopes then dropping a ton wieght on them - ho hum just have to make up for it


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