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A 19 Yr old wants to Move to france


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Good day all, I came across this site whilst looking for info on moving to france, Im a 19 year old with not overly good gcse results, However ive almost completed my gnvq level 2 in IT at present (this july) so i have that behind me,

Quite frankly, Im bored with the UK, Im a typical teenager, Going out clubbing, Hanging with mates etc

However!! i Love the finer points of life like a quiet life, And feel i would be most at home soaking up the sun in some tiny french village in the souther part of france.

Now my questions are, As im 19, and at college, Would it be possible (once ive completed my course) to go to work at france, Ablely enough to earn enough to live off (im not specificly looking for an IT job, I'd be quite happy picking grapes all day)

Obviously i could'nt buy a property, so whats it like for renting?

Basicly, Everyting i can know for some one at my age wanting to move to france,

Is it even a feasible idea?

To be honest, Everytime i think about it, it puts a smile on my face.

I've been to france a few times before on holiday.

Sorry for the lengthy post...

Well, Thanks for the time.

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Can I suggest that as part of your ongoing education, you cut and paste your fine words into Word and run a grammar/spell check.

I'm not normally pedantic or sensitive about this sort of thing, but for a first time posting, I sense a wind-up.
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>Quite frankly, Im bored with the
>UK, Im a typical teenager,
>Going out clubbing, Hanging with
>mates etc
Well clubs do exist here. usually they are situated on the outskirts of towns and built up areas and you have to be 18 to get in. Remember that France's regions and towns are so varied that in the countryside and smaller towns, youngsters tend to spend most free time playing sports and studying as they are still in education well into their twenties. The music scene is somewhat different too and again relates to your tradition and locality.

>Now my questions are, As im
>19, and at college, Would
>it be possible (once ive
>completed my course) to go
>to work at france, Ablely
>enough to earn enough to
>live off (im not specificly
>looking for an IT job,
>I'd be quite happy picking
>grapes all day)
This type of work is short seasonal work and is very popular with all types of people. You wouldn't earn very much and would probably have to live a bit rough,but you are young and free-spirited.
>Obviously i could'nt buy a property,
>so whats it like for
Depends on the region you settle in. Touristy areas are very very expensive and some places can be dirt cheap. You would do better finding someone to share with or a room in a house etc perhaps.
>Basicly, Everyting i can know for
>some one at my age
>wanting to move to france,
>You do need a good command of the language both in speaking and written to get a decent job here, there is mounting unemployment and many youngsters chasing few jobs. Qualifications are the be all and end all for a lot of employers - even Brittany Ferries requires a BAC or BEP to be a waiter these days and won't take anyone on under 20.
>Is it even a feasible idea?
>Well you have no ties which helps. If you have some savings why not go to France, choosing your region first and see how you go. Rsstaurants,camp sites etc always want people starting about now and some offer lodgings, but again the language is an absolute must. The local job centre is called the ANPE and may be able to help. You should prepare a CV in French of course with your photo and all details of education,qualifications etc.

>I've been to france a few
>times before on holiday.
Unfortunately not the same as having to survive daily. If you were my son, I would be worried but also proud that you have some get up and go and are not lying drunk in the gutter every night like of lot of youngsters I know of back in the UK (my nephew included. As someone said, you won't know unless you try but good luck anyway.

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If you willing to pick grapes or any other sort of fruit picking, whilst the pay is at minimum wage level (about 5 an hour), some jobs do include somewhere to stay on the farm.

You can look on the ANPE website (www.anpe.fr) which lists all current job offers. You need to click on "consulter les offres d'emploi ANPE".Then you choose the type of job (e.g. Agriculture), then the region you want to look at.

There are other criteria: level of qualification, experience, type of contract (ie permanent - CDI or temporary - CDD), type of offers and salary expections, but you can leave these open to pick up all the offers.

I looked at the Lot et Garonne area which has a lot of agriculture and came up with:


743361V OUVRIER AGRICOLE SAISONNIER H/F (seasonal agricultural worker)

Click on the job offer for more details. If it says "Pas d'hebergement", there is no accommodation provided. The two listed above are for August and July 2004.

I hope this is of some help to you.


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If you want to do it, do it. You are only young and if you fail (and I say if) it doesn't really matter. I went to Paris as an au-pair for 18 months when I was not quite 18. Had a great time, learnt to speak fluent French, went back to UK lived a quite ordinary life for 30 years and now I'm back in France. Never regretted any of it.

Have you considered getting some sort of domestic job so that you can have somewhere to live whilst you find out more. Suggestions such as gardener, au-pair (boys can do that too),
stable or kennel hand. Publications such as 'The Lady'and various agencies in London have details of these kind of jobs. Will give you a bit of security while you decide if it is for you.

If you really want to do this, don't let the obstacles put you off. As my granny used to say 'Life is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real thing' So go for it and bon courage.

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