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"I thought that cds was finished..."

Only for citizens of the major EU member states (which includes Britain). You can still get one on demand (though some prefectures refuse), as they are still requested by some official departments if you want to work in France.

Whether you register with Chambre de Metiers, Chambre de Commerce, MSA, URSSAF or any other body depends on what you do. There is no single standard procedure (This is France, after all). You may be lucky enough, like Phil, to find somebody helpful at CPAM, but CPAM deals only with health matters, not retirement funds, taxe professionelle and all the other things you have to pay in to, and if you count as, for example, profession liberale, then you have a different organisme conventionne from CPAM anyway. If you get no joy with CPAM then your local URSSAF, which has a broader coverage, will probably be a better bet.

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