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Website design in France


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Well in theory given that the french still have not really grasped the internet, and the opportunities thereof... theoretically the market should be good. In reality the non-pervasiveness of computing in particular and therefore the internet, actually limits the market.

Additionally the limited hi-tech sector IMHO is xenophobic and adds further barriers to the entry of non-French professionals to the segment. In other words the market sucks here for IT as a whole.

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In my commune of less than 900 inhabitants (resident) there are three website design companies,so don't dismiss the french as being backwards with IT and all that stuff, many are very upto date with technology and there are many specialist Lycées too.
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Afy, could I suggest that if you are now living and trying to work in France you learn a little patience?

Posting one day and then posting the next day with a rather petulent second post will do nothing to enhance your relationship with the French is that is how you're going to conduct yourself.

As Val said, there are already many French website design companies and there are also plenty of non-French people trying to get into the market also, have a look in the English newspapers if you want an idea of just what the competition will be like.

When I recently posted askling for people to design and organise a web site for me I received 10 replies in a few days, so there are plenty of people around already doing the work. Bit late to ask the question and get a non/negative response if you're already here and looking for work.

You'll also need some money to invest yourself, if you've not already done so you need to read the threads on setting up business here, not at all straight forward.

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Tony, I agree with you on the paitence part. I do live in France and yet find it increasingly difficult to find paintence with the french in general.

There is a major difference between designing a Web Site and doing actual IT systems, typically in the banking/financial/areospace/business domains. I do not deny that there might indeed be a lot of web designers... but people who actually know and appreciate enterprise architecture et al are very limited.

In a previous life I managed teams of 1000 plus developers, and designed software for fortune 50 companies. So what do the great French IT recruiters match my resume for? Well entry level jobs on obsolete technology.

I do have a very well paying job here... but can I understand the way the French decide to do business? No because it would appear that the last thing on earth they want is efficiency and things to actually be intutive and rational.

Ah well but what do I know? I am not French.

If I sound frustrated with this country... well it is because I am. Everything here is a song and dance sequence. Something as simple as getting a pre-paid SIM card from Orange becomes a two and a half hour ordeal... because the Orange people are insistent that thier SIM card will not work with my phone... and even when proven that it does indeed work. They do not want to sell me a sim.



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but can I understand the way the French decide to do business? No because it would appear that the last thing on earth they want is efficiency and things to actually be intutive and rational.

Afy, I do sympathise it is the way it is and still confounds me.  Basically, if you live and work here you have four choices.

a) You sit back, go with the flow and embrace the way the French do things

b) You can face a constant uphill battle, questioning, imploring, chasing-paper, blah-blah

c) Join the oppposition in government and introduce change

c) Leave and not worry about why the french do/don't do things

yes, I worry the way the french do business, how do they survive, is France going to implode during the night, I doubt it!  I am not french though.  However,  come September I think La France is in for a big storm.  Someone mentioned recently the word "Revolution"  - there is also a historical date coming up (something around the time of the last Revolution).  Lets wait and see.


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