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Is anyone near dept 25/39 and needs some maintenance work

charlotte G

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Hi We have a house in between dept 25/39 Mouthe 20 min from Pontarlier, about 1.5 hours from Geneva and 1.5 from Dijon. I want to re-fit a kitchen re-do the shower room and have a deck fitted outside the house. It is a very easy new house but the owners before us put in very basic stuff when the house was built 15 years ago and it needs replacing. I want to replace the kitchen. It is a basic kitchen on a back wall not many units are needed but I want to make it more uniform and more up to date. The work would involve fitting units, plumbing in the sink and changing some electrics.

I want to replace the shower aswell which is bit old now. Also we want to put in a plain deck platform outside the french windows about 3 x 4 m. There is also small amount of electrical work to do aswell by putting in better ligthing in the sitting room, really just a replacement.

If anyone is interested I will organise all the basic materials and will be on hand to sort out any logisitcs. We are quite a busy family and do visit the house often but never have to time to do this sort of work because we have 2 small boys.

I would love to hear from anyone who might be able to help. I know there are not many Brits around here so if you are comging from afar then you can stay in the house.

Look forward to hearing from you and if you want a chat give me a ring on 01434 689 582

Charlotte Gaisford

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I would just point out two things - first, a reminder that this forum is not intended to be a place where people offer or request work - this should be done via something like the classified ads in Living France magazine, where those looking for clients can place ads, and those requiring work can reply to them.

Secondly, make sure, if entering into an arrangement like this, that the person doing the work is, in accordance with French law, properly registered and insured. There are possible serious consequences for both worker and employer if something should go wrong. More information can be found in the FAQs section.

Having said that, we hope you manage to get the work done.

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