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I love the Guinea pigs, so sweet, so funny;

The one I've posted is , I think funny, but not 'ahhh' funny , its a bit crude more 'urgh' funny and it's not seasonal and it has got nothing to do with France either. So plenty of ammo their to come back at me with if you don't like it!

You may want sound;

Sorry, taken it off, give me a minute.

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Mrs Goodwin, you should learn your kids how to grow there own lunch like we did in County Kildare! Bejaney, I got me first lunch box in 1981! it had alovely picture of a little Lamb smelling a lovely big yellow daisy on it. Does any of yous remember Harry the Lamb?  He was a grand little talking lamb that dressed up like a pirate and sailed a boat with his best friend, Billy the pig.  Me cousin was named after him in County Offaly. He bought a boat too! I once wrote a song about a rebelious teenage Pig.

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[quote user="Tresco"]

Oh Furry Nix. you must be a lot older than me I can't remember him at all. May he Rest in Peace


I can't believe poor Harry has gone, Mrs Tresco! I knew he had lost a lot of his teeth and most of his wool had been condemned, but he still was in fine spirits when I last saw him. God bless him, where ever he may be.

I was feeling a bit sad after reading this terrible news, but then I saw your lovely picture of Pippin and Tog from Pogles Wood! It really brought back so many happy memories for me. I have not seen them since I was a small sprog during me childhood. I hope they have not passed away too!

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Furry nix, how could you think such a thing ????  Mrs Tresco only has to sprinkle some of her 'feelgood' dust around and everything is hunky dory.  Rest assured Pippin and Tog are alive and kicking !!
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