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Is this a forum or a member's club ?

Jenny Rennes

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[quote user="Christine Animal"]

Hello Jenny Rennes.  You have obviously posted to receive a reaction. If Viva is not included in the "dreaded clique" perhaps you would kindly inform us who is.

The trampoline was mostly taken in fun as are many subjects on here.  Disagreement can occur with a new poster, just as much as with "ancient" posters.  If somoene wants a laugh or needs one, we have a laugh.  If someone is in need of help, we try to help.

That is how I see it on here, come join us...   [8-|]


Hello Christine,

As for the 'clique' - their silence is deafening.

Perhaps by replying to this post they think they will admit being members and so they don't.(with a couple of exceptions !).

The words benefit and blessing spring to mind !

I have a third question;

Why don't such vociferous posters (3rd glass of Chenin blanc so the spelling might be wrong - soory) enter a profile ?

Timid or what ?

Jenny. [:P]




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Sorry about my last effort people; not quite sure what I've done to produce such a strange page !

I have to say that most of the comments on this thread are both considered and sensible, which is nice.

There's still a clique though !

I can spot them a mile away having spent years battling with 'the boys club' in my particular industry.

Keep tramping KKK !


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Hi Jenny,

Of course there is a clique. It's called the people who live, or would love to live, or look on about the possibility to live here in France. We are a very lucky couple who have made that dream come true, but we have had to spend 20 + years of hollidaying here and wishing before our dream could come true!

When the time came we took our hearts in our hands and said 'sod it, lets do it' and we took our early retirement and bought it here on an 'OLD AGE ADVENTURE'.

I spent 12 years in your 'industry' in the 60s, in the Royal Air Force, as an aircraft electrician on the type of transport aircraft that you would have flown on in that time, if you had been aircrew ( Bristol Britannias, Comet 2 and 4C's and VC 10's. Belfast's too but I would rather forget those flying elephants!!!).

We live amongst local French people with very few ex-pats around and love it and are learning, through them, to speak their language much better.

We have had a lot of useful, and bad, information from this 'clique' forum. All you have to do is look and learn and Gay is so right. Hi Friends!!

The only type of flyng I do is radio controlled model gliders.

1. I have seen how I land! and

2. the old R.A.F. expression goes   "Birds and fools fly for a living and birds don't fly at night"!!!!


P.S. Defination of radio controlled   =  always radio, sometimes controlled?[8-)]

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Jenny Rennes, I have no intention of posting any personal details what so ever.

After my first few posts someone who considered that they were the board's knight in shining armour posted my full name, address and phone number without my permission. How they had found this out I do not know.  I phoned the people at Living France in London and had the post deleted.

 That  taught me that there was at least one unscrupulous, unsavoury person out there, an apology followed after they were contacted by Living France, but the reasons for doing it in the first place were ridiculous. It was to teach me a lesson as he believed that I was a troll or flamer. So no, I shall not be posting anything too personal. 



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You really need to explain the clique on here?

I can't see it myself. Just too varied a group with too many different ideas. And now you have posted like this and as with everyone else I just see you as another poster, who in this case re the clique, I do not agree with. 


I have to add that I have never met or spoken to anyone on here either. More or less what you see is what you get, although we can always PM, which is sometimes happens, but I rarely PM.

I have seen cliques, they are when there is exclusion by a group. As far as I am aware no one has ever been excluded and ignored.

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I saw this thread when it started and didn't think anyone would bother responding - how wrong can you be?!  The funny thing is, I haven't been posting on here that long compared to a lot of people and yet I'm sure I remember a very similar thread in progress when I first started looking at the forum.  Funnily enough, I'm sure it was a different set of people (who still actively post) who were accused of being cliquey!  People have time available to post at different times and you may see one poster cropping up a lot for a period and then hardly at all for another period.  Hence any perceived 'clique' will be made up of a different set of people depending on when you 'drop in' to the forum.  In a few months time we will probably have another thread along the same lines, where those who are newbies now will be accused of the same thing.  Perhaps they'll be amazed that anyone could think such a thing - and hopefully have the grace to chuckle at what they said here.

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Hello Teamed Up,

Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

Of course you are perfectly right to be careful and I am sorry you had such a bad experience.

I think the way most people deal with e-mail addresses nowadays, myself included, is to have more than one.

I use the free hotmail service [email protected] as my 'public' address where anyone can find me by name and chuck whatever rubbish they like at me, most of which is filtered anyway before it reaches my inbox and this account really doesn't 'matter'.

One advantage of this account is that I can access it on any computer, anywhere and because it doesn't matter I can dump it at anytime and create a new one.

I also have other 'cryptic' accounts which are not linked to my name and remain personal and totally secure, which DO 'matter' and I would not dream of giving these to forums etc.

Don't you think it's quite nice to have some idea of the type of person you are corresponding with on forums and you don't have to give out any really personal info to give people clues about your 'leanings'.

Presumably most people don't object to co-respondents knowing their occupation and interests (if they do they can't be much fun at dinner parties, can they !).

Just a personal view of course but I do notice that a lot of 'snipers' remain totally anonymous so we don't know whether we are being picked on by a middle aged lesbian or an eighteen year old spotty schoolboy.

AND:  isn't this thread remarkably free of the 'must post on everything' brigade. don't you think ?

I wonder if they all communicate secretly and agree to 'don't post' on threads that expose them ?

Just a thought.

Jenny.  [6]


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JR Non non non, not my e-mail address. This person posted my full name, my home address in full and my home phone number. Believe me that was just too much.

I have a TU e-mail address with netscape, that I can access from anywhere.


I give out rather a lot of information as it is. As we all do as things crop up, and really do not feel the need to give out anything more.

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I didn't 'get' them back. I phoned Living France and had the post deleted, which they did rapidly, and they contacted the poster, who did not, as far as I am aware, get banned. The poster sent me an e-mail with an apology of sorts, not a full one,  as they tried to justify their actions, which I considered beyond being justifiable. This person stopped posting not too long afterwards.

One thing was for sure they were not going to chase me away. And since then never fill in any public details on any board I join.

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[quote user="Jenny Rennes"]

Don't you think it's quite nice to have some idea of the type of person you are corresponding with on forums and you don't have to give out any really personal info to give people clues about your 'leanings'.

Jenny.  [6]


The reason why I miss the 'find all a members posts' function is because if I was thinking about replying to someone I hadn't come across before - especially if I was about to go in with guns blazing -  I could look at their previous posts to try and get an impression based on what they say in 'conversation'.

To me that was a better way than looking at a profile, which often says 'I enjoy gardening, films etc etc.

As to my leanings Jenny, some people here think i'm a middle aged Lesbian. I'm not: I'm an 18 year old lad, and I think you're really fit.



But anyone can say what they like in their profiles

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Hello Tresco,

I have just looked at your profile and I love your entry for interests.

Funniest thing I have seen for weeks !(Really, I'm not taking the pee, very funny !!!).

You are right about profile information of course.

Thanks for saying you think I'm fit but of course the picture's not really me at all.

I actually look like a pig and I don't make my living flying jets.

I'm just a sad old bird who dreams of sitting on top of 60,300lbs of  thrust from 4 General Electric jet engines!

Hey ho.

Jenny. [;)]


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I'm just a sad old bird who dreams of sitting on top of 60,300lbs of  thrust from 4 General Electric jet engines


Whey hey hey!

Ahhh, my profile. I did that when Monika begged people to put some info in. I tried to put some other stuff in but  there's only room to have one interest, and being the honest person I am, that was (and is) it!

Glad you liked it. If more room is given I might change it to 'making massive sculptures out of my neighbours dogs dirt and placing them in their immaculate shit free gardens'.

Now, this clique thing. Have you changed your mind about that? Some of your other replies here indicate you have, others the opposite. Where are we up to with the clique thing?




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The point of this forum is to share a (not uncritical) love for France and enjoy communicating with others.


‘Clique’ has a very pejorative ring to it, ‘member’s club’ too, but less so.


I am not sure if I am one of those so accused, but if so I am not greatly fussed.


Some of those, whose postings are measured in thousands, are I guess the main target of the question on this thread. Are they motormouths and bores? Not in my book, when they dispense good advice, insights and interesting comments and opinions (thought I may not always agree with them).




Bye the bye, Jenny by the look of your image, I guess that you do not fly for this forum's favorite airline.


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i am sure i saw a pig fly over my garden last week if so you were flying below the proper safe  height .were you responsible or was it a trainee pilot????[*][H][li]


p.s.who is the picture she looks intersesting-not a film star?????

put us all out of our misery and do tell.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unless I'm mistaken, the photo is of Keira Knightley, who it has to be said is quite fit.

I think (feel free to correct me Jenny) that I understand where the "clique" reference came from. I agree with everyone who has said that what makes a forum like this so vibrant, interesting and ultimately useful is the diversity of characters and experience to be found in it. However, a few times when I first started visiting (and posting), I was a little surprised by the condescending attitude of some other users. This may have been unintentional, I don't know, and I certainly wasn't offended by it; although I can see how other more sensitive natures may have been. There are some extremely helpful and very polite and friendly posters, and then there are others who are no less helpful but somewhat caustic with it.

Am I on the right lines, Jenny?


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Of course it's forum, if it were a club I would not be a member (to misquote The late, great Groucho). My own opinion is by far the most important though sadly few (well, only 1 to be truthful) shares this view .

When I first began trawling this site back in mid/late 2002 I was a bit put off by the plethora of "why don't you look for yourself online, ask at the Mairie/DDE, search properly because this subject has been discussed ad nauseam 10 trillion times before" responses that I wondered whether LF would ever be of any use to ME. Having contributed, though most if not all would say without ever adding value, since then I can now understand why many of the older hands are often so annoyed and frustrated at the apparent laziness of newbies that their annoyance and frustration is oh so clear in their responses.

On many occasions I find the moderators to be complete and utter wimps as regards yellow or red cards but I pride myself as looking down on Attila the Hun as a liberal. I am not a moderator and even if I were would be as bad at that as most other things.

If one of the alternatives subjected to slagging off is "TF" any right minded person would not have to spend much time at all (1 thread probably) sifting to find something to snipe at. I can only conclude that those TF contributors who also contribute to this site must undergo some sort of personality transplant when switching between the two. I know that I do but they are SOOOOO easy to wind up.

With any free site you get what you pay for but despite my occasional spats with others on LF I consider that this site or rather its members have been a source of knowledge, experience, amusement and at times annoyance that have contributed enormously in helping us over the past 3 years or so.

As that US President once said "if you can't stand the heat F.O.A.D."



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Hello Rob G,

Yes you are on the right lines.

I will be updating my avatar to show a picture which any doubters should feel more comfortable with.

As to the flying jets, it's not Tomcats I'm afraid, but Boeing 747-400ER's which incidentally are freighters, not passenger aircraft.


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