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Cheque Emploi Service Universel


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I am hoping to find work as an English teacher (self employed - although I'd love to be employed as well!) My local Site de Proximité has recommended that I advertise as only being paid by these Cheque Emploi Service Universel. It seems like a good thing, but I wondered if anyone had had any experience (good or bad) with these being used as a method of payment.
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I have no experience of this but have looked into it a little. The benefit is that it avoids you having to pay lots of social charges "up front" - the person paying you effectively pays your social charges as well (so the price you quote has to allow for the deductions that will be made).

As I understand it, the disadvantages are:

1. It's only for us by private individuals in paying for personal services - i.e. if you wanted to give lessons to business people, the business could not use it as a means of payment.

2. The person paying you has to have registered with the official body that runs the CESU sytem. Having to go through this process might put off some potential clients (unless they've already registered for some other reason).

That's my understanding - someone please tell me if I've got the wrong end of the stick.


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Thanks for your reply Rob. The advice I got at the Site de Proximité implied that these Cheques d'Emploi were dead common, & that folk only needed to go to the bank to get a special cheque book, which wouldn't put them off at all.

I wasn't aware that the person paid my social charges - perhaps my 15 euros an hour is a bit steep if that's the case. I certainly haven't had anyone phone up yet - although the owner of the hotel next door said they were thinking of taking lessons "when they were less busy" (that'll be next winter, then!)

I've been told that, being quite rural, this is not a rich area & so people aren't very likely to pay out for lessons; I was hoping that, as there are a fair few Brits in the area, & with the camp site the local shopkeepers etc might feel it worth their while taking lessons. But no. Oh well. Back to the novel that's going to earn me millions then! (I wish)

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