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Titre de sejour...again!


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I didn`t think this situation would ever crop up for me but obviously now it has.

When we came to France in 2003 I had no intensions of working. I have a titre de sejour (it was necessary to apply for one then)  for the Motif du sejour(it states) non actif , ni pensionne, ni etudient.

Over the past few months I have been thinking of doing some seasonal work(vendage etc) I registered with ANPE and have completed the formalities there.

Whilst on their website , there was a domain near to me recruiting so I phoned to apply, one of the questions she asked (at the domain , not anpe) was do i have a cart sejour and how long is it valid for.

Now, seing as mine says non actif, do I need to go to the prefecture to change this, or is it not realy important seing that I am from an UE country?

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I can't see how it could be important. You have the right to work in

France as an EU citizen and you have no need for a TdS /CdS.

Personally, I'd square it with the ANPE and then tell your prospective

employer that you have no need of a CdS. If she questions this (and she

just might, of course) just ask her to contact the ANPE or the

prefecture to confirm your status. One of the advantages of the removal

of the requirement for a CdS is that it can give EU bods a "paperwork"

advantage over competition from outside, at least if an employer is

determined to be above board, that is...

We never received our CdS's. Our application was dragged out over many

moons by the Prefecture until it was formally no longer a requirement.

They where decent enough to be willing to take phone calls from all and

sundry who questioned our lack of papers and tell them what they needed

to take copies of instead.

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Jon D, your first paragraph was to be my line of attack tomorrow! I shall go and speak with ANPE and take it from there. I also thought that perhaps the secretary who I spoke to at the Domain, had deffinately picked up on my "foreign" accent, and was perhaps too polite to ask if I would involve a lot of paperwork for them, for just a months work.


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I  got a full time job here in France for a while, a couple of years back.  My wife and I were not required to apply for Cartes de Sejour when we moved here and my employer did not need to ask me, once I had shown my passport as proof of my EU citizenship.

So, if my experience is anything to go by, you don't need to show them anything but a passport.


(with new haircut)

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