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workers wanted..


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quote -Funny thing is, I thought it was two years and a while back I posted that, but I got shouted down that it was three years, so this time I posted three years...unquote

If it's really important to you, Dick, this may help:


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[quote] Whatever my views as to your posting are mine and mine alone and I

think I will keep them to myself.  However is Riberac in the Dordogne?[/quote]

It sure is.........go there and just listen to the accents on Friday market

day, especially during UK school hols, you may well wonder at times

where you are [:)]

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[quote user="tj"][quote user="nicktrollope"]

It's 27.000€/year, labour only - difficult, but not impossible to survive on (once you have paid 47% cotistations!). Add a little "black" (& who doesn't?) and most manage, for a couple of years, at least.


Cotisations on 27000 would be around 5000 euros, no tax so i think 22000 is not so bad .



Would it? I think not.

On a micro (the 27K limit refers to this) you pay 47.5% of your notional "profit", this being turnover less 28% is about 9.25K = income of 18K before deduction of expenses. Not many can manage it.


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Seriously guys and gals...is what we are doing so important to you????   Really come on!!  Get some real life...

Ok As you are all barking up the wrong tree and because all this crap does our company no good at all I am going to try to put this to rest... I know I cant please all of you ....but you already know that yourselves.

There are two of us who have been working together for a long time now.... we are both Micro's as we each work at home doing our own conversions too...and we dont need to work all week so the limit suits us. Along our travels we have joined up with 5 other micros so now there is seven of us of all different trades... As micros we dont need to charge VAT and we all get together and  ( like a consortium ) we work out prices for a job and each do a piece and each get paid for the job we do...  Its that simple...

We have just made a website and to date have had absolutely no responce at all to it. Mainly because we have not linked it to anywhere accept Artisan Anglais... and thats been a waste of time so far. We have got our work by word of mouth only so far and somehow things have grown so out of control that we have enough work for a small army. We got this work by being good and reliable... we take people to see jobs we have done and to meet the previous clients.

The purpose of my post was simply to find more workers who are registered to do some of the work we have. We are officially 2 guys who call on other registered builders with over 12 renovations... 1 of them is 4 bed house with 2 appartments and 2 gites and 2 swimming pools... Sense tells us we need more help.

We are legal.... the post says in BOLD letters "no black market workers"....

So please tell me what is your problem.... Yes my partner and me get angry when people like Chris Head burst in with they must be dodgy builders...Alarm Bells etc... We have done nothing wrong.  The good news is that some people did read my post and reply through the web site as requested and I am hoping that we might now be 11 people...but thats still not enough.

I hope you guys and girls can all sleep well tonight... I can...I only post on other posts if I can help...The question you must ask yourself is do you?

For those who gave words of support...thanks... For the others...well thats life...well it seems to be yours anyway...

Now if you would not mind getting on with your own lives and letting me get on with mine I would be very greatful... Spelling is not my strong point...after all I am a builder...


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Hi Monti,

Fully endorse your thoughts. I 've chosen to work in UK and chill out in France. Have own business and work around the time I want to be in France when things are quiet for my profession in UK and work like a slave when I choose and when required by clients.

Wife not too chuffed at this arrangement at present but you have to make some sacrifices at times. Best move we made was settling in France March 2004.Have a better social life in France than when we were both in UK as always working.

Health more important than wealth. You can't take it with you.


David J



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Back to the TVA thing.  It seems to be an absolute minefield and even the brightest and most switched on among the builders have trouble understanding the rules and regs.

Over the past year we have been extending our house into the integral barn alongside it.  The initial groundworks were done by a local registered terrassement guy.  He charged 19.6% TVA because he said that none of his work can ever fall in the 5.5% rule, being either external garden work or digging foundations for new builds/extensions.

Our mason then came along to put in a concrete floor and said similar - extension to the property so had to charge 19.6%.  Now the wife half of the partnership is extremely switched on and has been on all the "stages" and plays everything absolutely by the book.  They are due back soon to point up an internal wall that we are leaving exposed.  This is being done at 5.5%; apparently because it is replacing like with like and therefore is renovation.  She also explained that if you do things like replace a concrete floor with a wooden one it has to be charged at 19.6% but if you take up a woodwormed old floor and replace it with a new wooden floor then that's 5.5%.

The roofer however, charged 5.5% for putting in a first floor, two velux windows and a dormer window - all new, not replacing anything, so I'm lost, just pleased it was the lower rate!

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[8-|] Well done montagrier, you seem to have got certain members hot under the collar.  You have found a legal technique of working; to suit you and your colleagues.

Admiration to you for your forethought. I would dearly like to work as you do, and have satisfaction in that you achieve; by your hands on work, however, my skills are not what you require or I would pm.[geek]

Wish you all success in your enterprise.

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