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i know this similar to to other threads and i might have missed the answers.

english builder resident in the uk and still lives there permanantley,but has brought 2 second homes here.

he wants to bring his workforce over that he employs to finnish his properties?,so can he just continue to pay tax in the uk or will he have to do something here for all the workers.

i think i remember somebody talking about this ages ago and saying the french were not too happy with the brits doing this,i presume as they were not employing the french for the work.

the above is a situation that i am aware of and i am just asking how it is possible for this person to do this?

he is also offering work to brits here and paying them on his books in the uk,so that he has a huge workforce and then can get the jobs done quicker.

i suppose if all is legal then good luck to him and the workers but i am sure that knowing what france is like re working i cannot imagine that they woiuld let him get away with it.i dont think that he is trying to be deceiptful,it just makes sense for him to bring over workers that he knows are good at the job.


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It is perfectly possible and legal if the British employer gets E101 forms for his employees which gives them access to the French health system in case of illness or accident. Tax and NI continues to be paid by employer and employees in UK, as if they were working there. The E101 lasts for a year, and with the agreement of the French and British authorities can be renewed for a further year. Should the work continue beyond the E101 validity period, the employer will need to either replace the staff in France with other employees or set up a French company to employ the staff. Alternatively, the staff can become self-employed under the French system, but I can't imagine them being very happy about that, without a vast wage increase.

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