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Any information about working in construction in france?


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I'm a Joiner/Foreman and my partner is an Electrician, any ideas as to the best areas to find work, what requirements are stipulated before comencing employment/self employment?

Considering the Languedoc-Roussillon or maybe Aquitaine areas. The idea of doing a renovation project for myself is also a possibility, run enough of these in the uk, but  france could be a different matter lol.

Any help/sugesstions would be greatly appreciated.

PS what is this Black Market workers thing anyway? Unregistered labour? If so, how do I register and would the E101 form be okay as a start?



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I think somebody who knows about building work in that area will be the best person to advise you on the chances of finding work. If you can get an E101 then that will allow you to live and work legally in France while still paying NI etc in Britain. You can then sort out registering as a French business before the E101 expires.

The main problem with doing this in your line of work is that you will need the insurances which are compulsory in France, at least if working self-employed, and in order to get these you will most likely need to be registered in Fance. ButI am sure somebody who understands building requirements will be able to tell you more.

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I have just been through the process and it was all pretty painless,

however I have 15 yrs experience and paperwork to prove it, the Indre

CM branch are exceptionally helpful and provided all the relevant info

in english if required. As with all things French you may need to go

round in ever decreasing circles until you meet the right person to

talk to

You will need either relevant trade certificates translated by an

official Chambre de Metiers translator i.e. City & Guilds &

Apprentice indentures, or proof that you have been running a

construction trade in U.K such as accounts & insurance certificates

for the last 4 years. if you can provide these find your local chamber

de metiers et artisanant the address can be found by an internet search

(http://www.cm-indre.fr/) is mine, unfortunately your partner will

require retraining as French electrics are worlds apart from English

ring mains, and you may require some heavy duty tools as the timber

used out here tends to be Oak

Visit them and apply for a siret number if all your paperwork is in

order you should recieve the siret number within 15 days this will

allow you to work legally and tout for business, however there is a

small charge and you will need to attend a compulsory "New Business"

course also run by the CM. Once you have your number arrange the

equivalent of public indemnity insurance at any insurance office, most

work has to be garuanteed for 10 yrs out here and most clients insist

on it.

Charges & insurances vary according to trade and region as do

social charges which you will have to pay monthly regardless of

earnings so if no work & no money comes in then you still have to


I find it very refreshing to be in the position where clients treat you

with respect and generally want a good job for a fair price against the

U.K. PLC attitude of "If you dont do it for my price I'll get someone

else in" "and I want it done NOW!" mentality and would say to anyone to

give it a go what have you got to lose

Get a good accountant & under no circumstances work illegally (on

The Black) there are hefty fines and deportation can result. the locals

will shop you to the tax office it is frowned upon and not like the

U.K. at all.

Good luck or Bon Chance depending on which side of the channel you're on

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