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Why do you stay in France?


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Does my post really sound that way?  It's not how I was thinking.  This thread in particular has a lot of negativity to it.  I really wondered if it was that bad or if it was part of the French past time of complaining.  I have lived with a French person for 10 years and with many French friends I feel fairly comfortable commenting on the French penchant for complaining.  Maybe complaining isn't the right word for it because that sounds negative and I don't think of it that way.  Maybe it is being critical, which I value.  I am also that way myself which is why I sought to distinguish whether it was people just being critical or was it really that  difficult.  Sorry for any confusion or offense.

I wasn't unhappy in CA.  We were just pushed to the financial max.  We thought our lives might be better if it weren't so tight but we found out our lives weren't better.  We would like to restore our lives to a similar way they were in CA.  Going back to CA is not an option as my partner's mother is getting older and lives in Charente Maritime and will need him reasonably close soon.  If that means moving somewhere more expensive then that is what we want to do.  Once again maybe it is my own perception but after numerous rereadings of my post I don't think it was negative.  Maybe too careful a reading of it distorts ones senses.

I'm not looking for Toulouse to save us.  We've been a few times and really liked it.  I was looking for someone as an insider who might give me  pros and cons that are not as obvious to the casual visitor.  Everyone seems to think it is a tremendously dynamic and growing city that is starting to attract people from all over Europe, not just France.  Diversity is important.  I don't want to live amongst just French people.  I too suppose we'll be happy but wouldn't mind hearing about some less than obvious problems.

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[quote]TT - I would have thought that in this thread the pros and cons are exactly what you have been given[/quote]

I was specifically talking about Toulouse.  One poster a while back said it would make more sense to say I'm considering moving to "X" to be more specific and get better info directly related to that area.  That is what I did and hope to get more specific info.  Maybe it won't work that way.  Some people also were bored but I don't know if they were bored because they lived in the country or because they were isolated because they don't speak the language.  I don't anticipate boredom being a big problem in a big city.  I bet there are other problems that I haven't even considered.  I was hoping someone might shed some light on them in regards to Toulouse.

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Now now folks, not into cyber flirting. Not a flirt.

I just thought that dago was being a cheeky chap, ....... AND he still is the coquin, but fellas never 'really' grow up anyway, so what can a person expect.



T T .........Re french people, they really are expert râlers. It is an art form in France and I have much admiration for the way they do it. I am a mere amateur in comparison. I just love the way everyone has an opinion, right or wrong about every last thing. And my very favourite thing is when people who are agreeing argue about the way they are agreeing........ don't know how to explain that, it is just the way it is...... and sometimes great fun.

And if we were staying in France we would move to a city again. I can't hack living en plein campagne any more.

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