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Maternity / Unemployment Benefit


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I worked as a nanny here in France for 7 months and my contract finished at the end of October 2007 (it was a seasonal contract).  I have since been unable to find work and therefore have been "au chomage" and claiming "allocations".

Does anybody know what would happen to these "allocations" if I were to fall pregnant?  Would I still be classed as a job seeker?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Heather,

If you were to fall pregnant you would be a jobseeker until the start of your maternity leave, this is paid by CPAM - depending on how much you have worked/earned in the past.  Your right to unemployment benefit would be suspended in the meantime.  Both times I was pregnant I was on CDD's followed by chomage - one ANPE advisor said not to worry as I had no chance of finding work and the second time the ANPE told me I was not obliged to tell a future employer!  Good start to a working relationship - and besides at 5 months pregnant it was pretty obvious! 

I was super fortunate my gyne did not believe pregnant women should work so put me on sickness instead - old fashioned, sexist maybe but very convenient!

Busy Bee

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