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IT/ Computer related jobs in France


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Afternoon all,

This is my first post so i apologise if I have posted this in the wrong place. My Girlfriend and I are planning to move to the Cote d'azur area on France this year. I work in IT and she is fluent in french. I know that Sophia Antipolis (near Nice and Antibes) has a large business park with IT related jobs.

I just wanted to know if anyone has any experience of this industry in this area of France. Are there a steady supply of jobs? How do Salaries compare to the UK? Where are the popular places to live for working ex-pats?

Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.




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I tried to find work in the region but as my french wasn't up to scratch at the time it was difficult. It is a really nice region apparantly, and a lot of big IT companies are there. As someone who spent the end of last year trying to find an IT job my advice is to go to the big IT research sites such as LESJEURDIS, MONSTER, ETC. (or even google) and search for the technical skills that you have (VB/Java/PLSQL/ETC.) and the word "anglais". You then limit the jobs to ones requiring english skills - and maybe your french isn't as good as the native french speakers but your english is likely to be better! If you want to target a particular area you can add the region code as well.

Good luck!

PS: The IT market is very good at the moment, lots of companies are searching.

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