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Job STILL needed!!!


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.I am sorry my thread got confusing - it confused me too!

I am still looking for a job, please!  Jon had some ideas but nothing concrete yet and I have looked into Russet's suggestion but no joy.

So...does anybody have or know of any jobs going now?  Doing anything - teaching, cleaning, PA/admin - ANYTHING!!!

Many thanks.


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Sandra, we can see what dept you are in, but what town are you near to and how far will it be worth your while travelling?  How much are you intergrating.  Eg have you joined the local 'knitting' club.  It is at such place where you could maybe make more connections. 
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From the other thread, for those who didn't see it. More info from Sandra.

[quote user="SS2002"]

..I have previous UK experience in

Sales and Marketing and Buying (for large companies) and was also a

Civil Servant for 6.5 years.  I have a teaching certificate and can

speak French; I am able to type, use computers and am generally very PC


Despite the experience of above, I am ready and willing to do ANY work - chambermaid type jobs, cleaning, anything!


Sandra I hope this isn't too obvious, but have you contacted ANPE or Manpower?  There are probably other agencies.

Also, you could try telling everyone you know that you're looking for work. Quite a few French people where I live seem to have got their jobs by word of mouth/personal contacts. 

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