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How many months before unemployment benefit?


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I am am coming to the end of a 6 month trial period (extended one time) and I am fairly sure that the job is not for me (stress, bad boss, 55 hour week...) and I will leave at the end (if not before).

It is my first job in france (I was on an expatriate contract before so paid from the UK, although paid taxes in france for 4 years), so can anyone tell me if I will be entitled to any unemployment benefits if I decline a potential offer at the end of the trail period?

(I am looking for work now but it is possible I may be out of work for a short time).

Many thanks,


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You should qualify for ARE (Aide au Retour à l'Emploi) if:

  • you have worked for at least 6 months over the last 22 months,
  • and have not resigned,
  • and are below retirement age,
  • and registered as unemployed,
  • and able to work,
  • and are looking for employment
go to assedic.fr and click on the left-hand side headings for more info.

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