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Moral harrassment on the work place


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[quote user="TWINKLE"]

Doc. Martins and a tutu - okay and the red horns!  Why do you think that's scary Pads?  My husband thinks it's cute!  [:-))]

Hope this is making you smile Frenchie[:D]


I bet you d manage to be sexy even in that outfit!! [kiss][kiss][kiss]

thanks for the smiles, yes



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[quote user="Frenchie"]

Hi GG;

I'm fine, I'm on holidays tomorrow so really lookin,g forward to it, I will write what I need to write, Ill have time to do it quietly.. and time to rest.. really need it ..



Have a good break away from work.     Just have "me" time for a few days and quietly gather your thoughts.....but a tip.....when you think "I will write this, I will write that" ....have a paper and pen handy and make a note of that thought, otherwise with your overworked mind you will forget !    Don't worry, you will overcome this.   

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[quote user="Frenchie"]

Merci.. Hope you are right..

What matters is that I love my job, and I enjoy doing it.

Now I think what I need to do is find the mediator.



A good idea.   Is there anyone at work completely impartial?  (Be sure they ARE impartial).   If there is, I would suggest to the Head that you wish the meeting to progress with this person present, also suggest that the meeting should be minuted (notes taken for the record) in case of further repercussions.    Without minutes of the meeting there is no evidence (unless its recorded via tape).

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[quote user="Frenchie"]

I didn't think about it being minuted, but I ve thought about recording it.

I don't know yet if someone from work could be the impartial "witness".. 

I have other ideas. But need some time to check if they are ok.


Not sure what the procedure is in France but in the UK you are entitled to take a witness to any meeting of this nature -  which includes a friend, relative etc.  Make sure minutes of the meeting are taken and agreed by you (and your friend / relative etc) as a true a fair record of what happened.  Recording the meeting is a good idea but I think you would have to get the agreement of all present before hand.

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Further to my earlier reply, there is a resport in my local paper this morning about a situation in the hospital centre in Perpignan, where a clique of five nursing staff have been making life a misery for more than 80 others, who have finally broken their silence and started a complaint of 'harcèlement moral'. The work doctor is also involved, plus the police, and a major internal enquiry has begun. It shows once again what damage a small group can do especially where the victims suffer in silence until someon has the courage to file a complaint. Incidents included intimidation, insults, damage to vehicles, stealing others' uniforms, intercepting mail and payslips, malicious phone calls and rumour mongering. If this can happen among the so-called caring professions it can happen anywhere. Victims must act - you may be surprised how many others join you, once your own situation comes to light.

Once again, I hope this helps. Do hang in there and take positive action along the lines I suggested earlier.

P-D de Rouffignac.  


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Pads, I'm sorry but I have had to delete the post as it is against the forum Code of Conduct:

Users must not post messages which:

  • Are insulting, abusive, racist, sexist, or derogatory in any way to others, whether they are individuals or companies, users of the Forum or not. This includes material sent via personal e-mails through this forum.

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Do you have a link to the material ? Perhaps you could post that ?



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  • 2 months later...


I can't say anything more.. I have decided to try and ignore the situation, that has not changed.. it is difficult when I'm there, but now I forget about it as soon as I'm out of work.......

Our boss said he would not do anything about it, then  , because a member of a trade union talked to him about the subject, he said  that he would organize a meeting at the end of the year...

So for me it s a bit " wait and see"..........

I try to concentrate on my job as well as I can and  I have my life outside work, to keep sane !! [;-)]

Thanks a lot for asking .........

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Hi  Just saw your post about moral harrassement and wondered how you were getting on?  I am going through the same thing at the moment but the harrassement is coming from my bosses so there is no one higher up that I can complain to!!  Having been off work due to an 'accident de travil' for the last two and half months my doctor now wants to send me back in a couple of weeks.  He did send me back last month but I only managed 2 days before the pain in my back and neck got bad again.  In that two days NO ONE spoke to me and I have been segregated from the other personnel at lunch time.(I now have to eat later and on my own).  I am really stressing out about having to go back as I still have quite a bit of pain and I know that I will not be able to cope with the moral harrassemtent while I am not 100% fit.  At the best of times I walk around the hotel shaking and near to tears (another lady left with severe depression after being treated the same way). 

I really cannot understand what the problem is because last year it was a whole lot more sociable and there was no problems with anyone. 

Now I've got that off my chest just like to say I hope you are faring better than me!!!!

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